Read Anyone’s Whatsapp Chat History with this Simple Trick

WhatsApp is a free and popular instant messaging application that most people use today. It is available for different platforms, including both PC and mobile phones. The users can use it to send text messages, make audio or video calls, share files or folders, and connect with anyone worldwide. Nowadays, you can easily find people on WhatsApp to chitchat with them.

Facebook considers WhatsApp to be the most secure one because of the end-to-end encrypted messages. So, the question is, is it possible to hack WhatsApp account, chats, or conversation? If yes, then how to hack WhatsApp with or with using the target phone or phone number.

WhatsApp hacking is different from WhatsApp stalking, which is limited to viewing someone’s activities for self-satisfaction. Is there a way, how to know who viewed my WhatsApp profile?

A hacker can follow many ways to do so, and readers can find many articles based on how to hack WhatsApp account without using target phone on the internet. The latest technological advancements have made it possible to connect with anyone globally. But it has also put everyone in a vulnerable position by giving ways to break into someone’s security.

WhatsApp is quite famous among every age group. According to recent data by Statista, WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app of 2021, with 2 billion monthly active users. Due to the popularity, it has become a goldmine of data for hackers. Hacking WhatsApp without access to phone can do a lot more harm than we can imagine.

Why Do You Need to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp?

Hacking someone’s phone without them knowing may seem impossible, but it is not, and the same applies to hacking someone’s WhatsApp. People do it for many reasons. Some break into another person’s privacy to know about their honesty, while others do it out of concern or to monitor that person’s mental health. Most often, a parent tries to do it to know the secrets his kid might be hiding. If teenagers are facing the negative effects of social media, then parents may discuss the benefits of staying off social media with them. No doubt, social media detox is transforming our lives.

Is It Possible to Hack WhatsApp?

As discussed, there are several reasons why a person wants to know how to hack WhatsApp without the target phone. Similarly, the interested person can follow several ways to achieve this. But can anyone hack WhatsApp messages without target phone? Yes, but the hacker must have physical access to the target person’s phone, even for a few minutes. If your phone is hacked, WhatsApp is not secure, read how to hack someone’s phone with or without his concern.

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages without their Phone?

There are many ways the hacker can hack victim phones and read messages without their knowledge. For this, he will need mobile access for a few minutes to log into the WhatsApp account. But after that, the victim’s phone will not be required. This method involves the use of a Web Browser to access the WhatsApp account.

Read Anyone’s Whatsapp Chat History with this Simple Trick

The readers may not believe this, but it is genuinely possible to hack someone’s WhatsApp using the Web Browser. A hacker must use the WhatsApp Web to hack WhatsApp account on the web browser. As the name suggests, you can use the web version of WhatsApp.

If the hacker has access to the victim’s phone, he can easily open WhatsApp web and get new message updates without the target’s knowledge. Not only this, but the hacker will be able to access all the old messages saved in the WhatsApp account.

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp with QR Code?

When anyone opens WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop, it asks the user to scan the QR code of the victim’s WhatsApp account. Here is how you can access it.

WhatsApp Web/Desktop Login using iPhone/iPad

WhatsApp Web/Desktop Login using iPhone/iPad

  • Open WhatsApp on the target iPhone.
  • Tap on the Settings tab given at the bottom.
  • Next, tap on the WhatsApp Web/Desktop.
  • Scan the QR Code opened on the WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop with the target iPhone/iPad.

Note – Mark ‘keep me logged in’ given below the QR Code to access WhatsApp messages for a longer duration.

  •  As the user scans the code, all the messages and WhatsApp status will be visible on the Web Browser screen.

WhatsApp Web/Desktop Login using Android Phone/Tablet

  • Open the WhatsApp application on the target device.
  • Tap the three vertical dots available on the top right corner.
  • A drop-down menu will open with a few options.
  • Tap on WhatsApp Web, which will direct the user to the next screen, ‘Scan the QR code’ with a Scanner.

Tap on WhatsApp Web, which will direct the user to the next screen, ‘Scan the QR code’ with a Scanner.

  • Place the target mobile’s scanner in front of the QR Code opened on the WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop.

Note – Mark ‘keep me logged in’ given below the QR Code to access WhatsApp messages for a longer duration.

  •  As the user scans the code, all the messages and WhatsApp status will be visible on the Web Browser screen.

How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp without Their Phone?

Hacking WhatsApp by Sending OTP

Hackers can also hack someone’s WhatsApp if they got hold of WhatsApp account verification code or OTP (one-time-password) send on the registered number. Usually, the app sends a verification code on the mobile number used to log into WhatsApp. If the user shares this code, another person can access his data and private messages. (Continue reading to know more)

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Hack WhatsApp Account by Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

WhatsApp has launched a two-factor authentication method to let the user set a code that he has to enter every time he wants to register again with the same mobile number. But this security feature has a flaw. Anyone can disable this feature within a few minutes once he gets hold of the target person’s device and opens WhatsApp.

Hack WhatsApp by Accessing Backed Up Data

WhatsApp claims its platform to be safe as the messages are end-to-end encrypted. But the messages and data saved as a backup on the phone or Google Drive are not encrypted ones. It gives hackers an advantage to easily spy WhatsApp conversation if they get access to the cloud data.

Hack WhatsApp Account by Sending Spammy Link

We all know that we must never click on any link sent by an unknown person or account. But we don’t think even once if the same is sent by someone we know. Sometimes, hackers hack a single device and misuse it to break into the privacy of other devices. They may send a link containing malware from the hacked device to everyone on its contact list.

Exporting Chat History to Mail

By following this method, the hacker can spy WhatsApp conversation of the specific contact (of the victim’s WhatsApp contact list). This simple method needs physical access to the target device just for a few minutes. In this duration, he can open the victim’s WhatsApp Account and export the chat history (of any specific contact) to his own email account. This exported chat history will contain every message along with shared voice notes and files. But the hacker can’t retrieve the deleted text or file from the chat history.

Hacking WhatsApp using MAC Spoofing Method

It is another method where the hacker can hack WhatsApp account of the victim and get a real-time update on his own device. At most, he needs physical access to the target device for a few minutes to copy the Wi-fi MAC Address (of that device). Once the hacker has it, he can use it to change his own device’s MAC address to the victim’s. This method will enable him to clone the victim’s WhatsApp on his own mobile. The tricky thing with this method is it requires a little programming skill.

Hack WhatsApp using Bluetooth

Similar to the method mentioned above, the hacker can also spy on WhatsApp messages using Bluetooth. Many WhatsApp hacking apps are available on the internet that can easily hack into any device when Bluetooth is on. This method again follows the MAC spoofing method like the one mentioned above.

How To Read Someone Whatsapp Messages

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